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The story behind AslanWatches

A petit idea became big

The founders of Aslan wanted to create a timeless, elegant and fancy watch that could be carried in all occasions. 

The roadtrip started in Sweden and finished in Asia.

To get inspiration from different atmospheres the founders packed the bags and started to travel around the world. The trip started in Sweden, went trough all over Europe, Asia, Africa, US and Middle eastern.

The aim of the trip was to get the perfect inspiration and see the different styles to make the perfect timeless watch.

The trip included visits at bars, nightclubs, offices, coffeeshops, touristic places such as the tower of Eifel in Paris, Colusseum in Rome, Skytree in Tokyo, Big Apple in New York and much more.

In Venice the first was born

Venice, 18.09

One of the founders had a very interesting conversation with a girl in a bar in Venice. From the beginning the conversation was about the life in general and much more. After a while the founder,  told the girl about the ideas about creating a watch that could be carried in all occasions.

Immediately the girl got more interested about the subject and started approaching ideas. She had been working with fashion in Italy herself and told us that there was something missing on the market. She said “Everybody wants a Rolex or Breitling but it’s not the watch making the person, it’s the person that’s making the watch”.

She told us that the most important is to have something timeless, fancy but that people around the world still can identify themselves with. Something with feelings. Something that can be with the owner during all different occasions. The founder and the girl finished the conversation after a couple of hours but unfortunately the founder did never get the possibility to get her details to catch up.

The last destination made Aslan to become reality

Istanbul Ataturk Airport 13.49

The founders had been on 37 different destinations around the world and had one great idea. The idea from Venice, Italy.

But still there was something missing and the founders felt pretty down. The idea of a timeless watch was maybe something that was harder than they thought.

They were talking at a coffee shop at the airport and was on the last layover before going back to Sweden. The flight was about to leave in around 1,5 hours. Tired and a little bit down they were just watching the clock and wanted to get back.

But a game changer appeared at the airport. Just when the founders was about giving up.

A man that was also waiting for his flight and was drinking coffee before catching is flight came to the founders and asked if he could sit down. He heard the conversation that the founders had and wanted to be a part.

He, himself had been working for one of the worlds biggest clockmakers and wanted to give some input. He thought that the founders had good ideas and wanted to be a part.

So, around 14.24 the idea about Aslan was born. In Turkey, the country of Aslan.

The man told the founders that what’s missing is a watch that can express eveyones feelings, just like the lion Aslan, he said and laughed a little. It should be easy to change straps of and each person should be able to make their own story with it.

The founders got very happy, started to brainstorm more and wanted to make the man a part of the company. Unfortunately he had commitments with another company but  wanted help supporting the project.

The flight got changed to Swiss

Instead of going back to Sweden the founders changed their flight to Switzerland. With an good idea and concept it was time to find the best movement. What country was better to do this than in Switzerland – Land of watches.

The man in Istanbul told the founders that he could introduce them to some clockmakers that would know the best details of different movements to make the watch light, elegant but still with a good price for the customer.

In Switzerland Aslan got it’s first shape

 Togheter with one of the best clockmakers in Switzerland the founders now had a great style of the watch. It was time to let the world know about Aslan.

Aslan is with you on every occasion

Aslan was officially released on the market in March 2018. With the highest quality and best made clockworks, Aslan is made to be with you on every occasion. Wear it at work, after work, school or wherever and whenever you want.

Fantastic response

After the launch the response was fantastic, the customers tells us that the quality is the best they’ve seen and the nice reviews are floating in. We are happy that so many wants to join the Aslanfamily.

With true love from Sweden

The #AslanWatches family